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by | Jun 28, 2024 | Wedding

Jen and Gabe’s Sunset Bluffs wedding was completely stunning, and OH!–SO full of love!  If you didn’t both laugh and cry several times on this beautiful day, I don’t think you were truly there.  I wish there was the time to go over every single moment, because each and every one was loaded with the weight of what is most important.

And of course, it was May 4th…and yes, they certainly went ALL out to make sure the FORCE was there. 😉

When my assistant, Erin, and I arrived at Sunset Bluffs, we quickly got to work doing our usual wedding routine…except the part when Erin went to go photograph the groom and groomsmen.  She kept coming back to report that Gabe wasn’t there–or ready.  He was ALWAYS somewhere else helping someone or another.  Yes, we did get those pictures…but I’m pretty sure Gabe single-handedly managed every wardrobe problem on the guys side!   Without knowing him well, watching him throughout the day made us both sure that he will make one incredible and thoughtful husband to Jen.

Now, let’s talk about those groomsmen!  We had the BEST time getting their official entrance into the venue, it definitely brought on a ton of laughter!  You’ll see what I mean when you see the pictures below.

While there were plenty of laughs throughout the day, there were also plenty of tears over so many beautiful moments.  The two most memorable for me were when Amy read a letter to Jen that Jen’s dad had written for her wedding day.  So, so beautiful.  So, so kind.  You could feel his presence in the room.  And the second moment?  Well, that would be during the father/daughter dance at the reception.  Jen’s brother, Jake, stepped in for the dance (as well as walking her down the aisle), and all the dads in the room were invited to dance with their daughters in honor of Jen and her dad.  Not a dry eye in the group.  Not one.

Jen and Gabe’s vendor team pulled off a gorgeous day!  If you haven’t been to Sunset Bluffs, you should check it out!  Not only is it a stunning venue, their entire staff was nothing but kind and wonderful to work with.  AND THOSE SUNSET VIEWS!!  We had such a spectacular night as the sky was absolutely amazing.  The irritating storms from earlier in the day gave way to one incredible sunset.

Before I list the rest of their fabulous team of vendors, I want to give a special thanks to Erin, my gracious assistant photographer who always pulls off beautiful images.  I couldn’t be more blessed to have her with me on such a special day.  Do check out Jen and Gabe’s vendor team below:


Jen and Gabe, we LOVED being a part of your day!   Scroll on down to see more from this beautiful Sunset Bluffs wedding…



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