Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process of doing a session?

Before the Session:  The more we can discuss details before your session takes place, the better I am able to tailor the experience to your family. I offer help with wardrobe styling and would love to hear about what you are envisioning for your session.

During the Session:  This is where the magic begins to come together as I capture you with your loved ones. Come, relax, and enjoy your family!

After the Session:  About 3 weeks after your session, you will come to my home office for the big reveal of your portraits!  After watching a video slideshow of all the final gallery portraits, we will go through each image individually on my calibrated screen to choose which images you love and want to purchase.  I will have everything you need at this appointment to design and purchase your family’s custom artwork.  About 2 weeks after this appointment, you’ll have beautiful portraits displayed in your home for everyone to enjoy!  

How long does the session take?
Anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the session you choose!  My standard sessions are about an hour, but I never put the camera away until I’m confident I’ve taken the images we need.
What should I wear and bring along?

Wardrobe seems to be the number one stressor for scheduling a family session.  But don’t worry–I have you covered!  Once your date is booked, I jump right into those styling details and come packed with information, including access to a wardrobe styling service.  I think you’ll be amazed at how it all will come together!  

How do I book?

It’s as simple as paying a session retainer fee and a quick signature on a contract.  Both can be taken care of online in just a couple of minutes.  Contact me to get set up!

What if my kids are misbehaving?

As a mom of 7, I certainly know that kids’ behavior can change the mood of everything!  Please don’t stress about this.  In fact, the more you stress out, the more kids will pick up on that stress and then mirror it in their own way.  It is better to keep things as light-hearted as possible, then let me handle the rest.  Of course, a little bribery of ice cream or a special treat after the session can go a long way!  If behavior issues are a big concern for you, let’s talk it through before the day of the session.

Is there really a difference between professional and consumer prints?

The short answer?  YES!!  I began in photography thinking I would ONLY offer digitals–then I printed out my work!  To read more on why I now offer BOTH professional prints AND digital images, click HERE.

Where is the session held?

I have a number of locations around the St. Louis area where I photograph my sessions.  You will get the session location after the date is booked.  I usually decide this closer to the session date so that I can make sure the lighting and colors of the location are optimal for your family.  I am also willing to photograph your session at a location of your choosing IF the location works well in both lighting and background.  If the desired session location is outside of the St. Louis area, I can travel for an additional travel fee, depending on my availability.

What time of day does the session take place?

The best time to photograph a session is during the golden hour, which is about an hour before sunset.  While sometimes this timeframe will not work for certain sessions, this is the time that is optimal.  I usually schedule sessions 90 minutes before sunset so that there is plenty of time to get everything in we need to.  

What happens if I cannot make my session date due to unforeseen circumstances?

If an unavoidable circumstance arises, I am willing to reschedule your session date one time if I am given a 48-hour notice. Also, if weather presents dangerous circumstances, we will reschedule.  

How much will this cost?

Because every family is different in what they are wanting to purchase, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. After discussing with you the artwork possibilities you are most interested in (canvases, metals, albums, digitals, etc.), I can give you a much more detailed idea of what you might spend.  However, you do not need to make any purchasing decisions until your VIEWING & ORDERING APPOINTMENT after the session, which is when you will decide which images you love and want to purchase.  I find that a common range families spend when they book a full session is between $650 and $2500.   You are welcome to check out the Amy Elizabeth Photography Welcome & Pricing Guide HERE

What if my spouse/teenager/etc. isn't excited for the session?

This is pretty common–usually someone in the family isn’t exactly thrilled about having pictures taken going into the session.  However, they often find themselves pleasantly surprised after the fact that it wasn’t what they thought! But as there can be several different reasons behind hesitations, let’s visit about what those hesitations might be to see if we can address any concerns beforehand.

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