A Butterfly for Her Birthday – St Louis Missouri

by | Mar 13, 2016 | Children

I would love for you to meet a pretty special 9-year-old girl.  When we moved to our new house almost three years ago, I was more than a little nervous about what our neighbors might think of our family moving in.  I sometimes think we look like a clown show, pulling up in our white, twelve-passenger van with what can look like an endless stream of kids piling out.  The first neighbor to greet us that moving weekend was Leon, the very neighbor situated directly across the cul de sac from our house–getting a straight-on view of all the craziness on display every time he looks out his front window!  Thankfully, Leon and Christina, as well as the rest of our cul de sac crew, have been very gracious to our family.  Turns out, they happen to have two daughters, right about the same age as my two oldest girls.  Of course, my girls we absolutely thrilled at that discovery after we moved in.  And so were we!

This weekend, my daughter Abby was invited over to their daughter Olivia’s 9th birthday.  When discussing gift ideas, Abby thought it might be kind of fun to do a little photo session as a gift.  Olivia is one of those girls who is all sorts of pink girl fun.  So Abby was thinking that we could take a picture and then apply some Photoshop magic to land a PINK butterfly right into the very palm of her hand.

“A PINK butterfly?” I asked, just to be sure–and sweating it that I wasn’t sure pink butterflies were in my editing arsenal.

“Yes!  Pink!” was her insistent reply.

So pink it was.  I ran to the grocery store to grab some pink flowers.  We intercepted Olivia right off her little scooter in the driveway.  And off into the backyard we went for a mini birthday bash photo session!

What began as a quest for ONE picture to enlarge and frame for a birthday present quickly became a handful–because Olivia had NO problem rocking her little birthday session in front of the camera!  If you scroll on down, I think that you will agree!

Happy, happy 9th birthday, Olivia!!

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