Fall Session with Kristi and Layla – St. Louis Photographer

by | Nov 7, 2017 | Family

We couldn’t have had a more beautiful backdrop for this fall session.  I was thrilled–as we had been planning for this particular night since spring!  Kristi contacted me a few months ago, and I knew I would love both her and her dog, Layla, when I met them this October.  It became crystal clear who Layla’s heart belonged to the second I stepped out of the car.  She is clearly smitten with her owner, and I think Kristi is just a bit smitten with her as well!  We picked a park that wouldn’t be crowded, but that would lend itself to beautiful light and gorgeous fall colors.  Once we added this sweet duo to our location, we had a recipe for a stunning gallery of portraits!

Over the summer, Kristi would email me ideas for their upcoming session, and I made a folder specific to them for everything we hoped to try.  However, as I told Kristi, you always go in with a plan and then you always have to flex on that plan–especially when it comes to dogs or children!  The fun part is, when you capture the connections in front of you–planned or unplanned–you always come out with some gorgeous surprises.  And Layla didn’t disappoint us there!  After meeting with Kristi this past weekend, I am prepping two beautiful canvases and designing a rather stunning Christmas card.  I can’t wait to see the finished work in hand!  Can you guess which of the portraits from our fall session will soon be hanging as artwork in her home?

a woman and her chocolate lab during fall session portrait of owner with chocolate lab dog during fall session chocolate lab and owner and her dog beautiful sky behind owner and chocolate lab dog woman looking off to the side fall session chocolate lab dog portrait portrait of a woman and her pet dog fall session head shot of woman with blue eyes silhouette of dog and her owner


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