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by | May 31, 2018 | Family

You couldn’t find a happier day than the morning this crew became a forever family!  I feel like I’ve been able to have a seat up front and center to their journey these past two years, so putting this gallery together has been packed with emotions all around!  God is in the business of orchestrating beautiful miracles, and I am more than confident that this family is one of His masterpieces.  In fact, the beauty of adoption is a timeless plan that echoes through all of eternity, inviting each of us to be as this sweet little boy, adopted into the family of God.  The love, the joy, and the incredible cost of earthly adoption is but a shadow of the greatest love story of all time.  The atmosphere in the courtroom that day was nothing but joy–you could feel it as soon as you entered the room.  In many ways, making this official felt like just a formality.  It seemed from day one, this precious son has fit ever so perfectly into this beautiful family. They are completely smitten with him.  And it is obvious to everyone that he adores his mom, dad, and big brother right back!

There is something about a picture that carries great power.  It takes moments that happen in split seconds and stop them for us to enjoy for generations.  Anna was telling me earlier this week that this little guy has no idea what really transpired that day.  What two-year-old would?  While his family will get to enjoy these pictures now to remember such a milestone day, there will come a time soon enough that he will be able to look at an album full of these images and see how much love and celebration surrounded him on an incredibly important day.  So please join me as I take a detour from my usual portrait work, as there is a beautiful story to be shared of a little boy and his forever family…


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