On Location with Five in this Family – St Louis Missouri

by | Jun 10, 2016 | Family

I just love getting back home to download a new gallery, and I couldn’t have been more excited after photographing this handsome family of five.  If there weren’t teenagers in the pictures, I swear you would think that Mom and Dad weren’t too far out of the teenage years themselves!  They look too young to have three teenagers at home!  It was such a windy day that we had considered rescheduling.  Everything was blowing over in their yard, we weren’t sure that we would get many shots without the girls’ hair completely windswept across their faces! I actually photographed them on their property–and it couldn’t have turned out more beautiful, even with the wind.  Their oldest, Simon, is getting ready to head out the door for his freshman year in college, and it gave us the perfect opportunity to slow time down just enough to capture them right in the moment.  We will only blink once or twice more before it seems they will all be grown and out the door, so NOW is always the perfect time to preserve what we treasure most–our family.

As usual, there were plenty to choose from in their final gallery.  I loved getting to take their favorite family portrait and turning it into a stunning canvas. I don’t know who is more excited to have the portraits arrive at my door–those in the pictures or the one taking the pictures!  Either way, another session is complete and I get to post some of my favorites!

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