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by | Sep 18, 2017 | Baby, Newborn

Oh my, can you get any sweeter than this precious newborn baby boy?  While I’m quite sure he’s grown just a little since we photographed his session, it’s been fun for me to pull these back up as I try to get caught up with blogging my sessions!  Baby Dominic truly couldn’t have been a more perfect baby during our time together, as he was completely chill the entire morning!  Not even one picture of him with his eyes open, as he only woke up once to nurse–then completely conked out once again.  As I’ve mentioned before, I learned fairly quickly after picking up a camera that just because I’d had plenty of newborn experience as a mom did NOT mean that I had the slightest clue as to how to PHOTOGRAPH newborns!  So this past spring, I set out to learn just that–as I wanted to photograph these precious little ones and capture those tiny moments before they grow quickly out of them.  I’m excited to add NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPY to my list of services, and I look forward to creating more of these treasured memories for families and their little ones.

For those of you who know this little guy and his family, you know that they have had to walk through an incredibly difficult season these past several months.  While each and every newborn should remind us how precious life truly is, this little one definitely adds the exclamation mark to that statement. I couldn’t be more grateful to Ashley for allowing me to have some time with her sweet little son, and I think the image with her in it at the end of this post will remain forever one of my favorites.  It is an expression of what I think is truly beautiful–a picture of unconditional love that gives us a glimpse of the ONE who extends that kind of love to each of us.  Be sure to watch for this little guy’s video soon to see his entire gallery.  In the meantime, be sure and scroll down to see some of our favorites from his newborn baby days…


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