Northwest High School Senior Pictures: Daniel, Class of 2017 – St Louis Missouri

by | Aug 14, 2017 | Senior Portraits

I suppose it’s time to blog about this recent Northwest High School senior graduate and post a few of his senior pictures.  As most of you know, this handsome guy is my son.  My oldest of seven, in fact.  And by the end of this week, we will have moved him onto Washington University’s campus to begin his freshman year in college.  So I guess that means his senior year of high school is truly said and done, whether I am ready for this next chapter or not!  As some of you mothers have gone through this rite of passage before me, you will understand that I still look at him with a bit of surprise that he’s not a chubby-cheeked toddler running around waiting for our next game of hide and seek.  No, those days are over.  I’m a mix of proud and excited and sad and nostalgic and everything in-between all rolled up into one.

This guy reminds me in many ways of his daddy.  He spoke in outline form about as soon as he was able to speak, and I had no idea that wasn’t typical until I had the rest of my children.  He tends to love his math and science classes most, and he plans to head into chemistry on the pre-med track as soon as his feet land on campus.  I am super proud of all the hard work he has put into his academic studies, that’s for sure.  However, grades and performance and all of that mean nothing to me if there isn’t heart and soul and character that transcends any accomplishment that he could ever put on his transcript or resume.  And that, for this son of mine, is what makes this mama’s heart smile.  If there’s anything that this world needs, it’s people who are grounded in who they are created to be, while at the same time reaching out to love and help a hurting world.  My son has had a glimpse of that in a very literal sense, as he just recently returned from his third trip to Uganda where he visited more than 2000 orphans who live in very different circumstances than he does.

Oh, we parents have plenty of hopes and aspirations for our children, don’t we?  Well here is mine for my son, my senior graduate about to enter his freshman year of college.  That he love God.  That he love others.  And that he pour everything that God has created in him and made him to be in doing so.  And with that, I’ll close this post and share with you some of our favorites…

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