Oakville High School Senior Pictures – St. Louis Photographer

by | Nov 4, 2022 | Senior Portraits

Oh, how I LOVED this Oakville Senior session!  Samuel was fabulous, just as I knew he would be! There have been so many times I’ve said in my blog posts, “I remember the day he was born.”  Well, I’m here to say it again.  Jason and Jenny have been dear, dear friends ever since we moved to St. Louis over twenty years ago.  And so much life has happened since.  Samuel has grown up from that tiny newborn I met in the hospital into one amazing and talented guy, and you’ll see a couple of those things represented in the images below.  We ended up pulling off a couple of different sessions to make all that happen, and I’m so glad we did.  The sky on the night we took pictures at the Oakville High School football field was second to none, which helped us create some of my favorite senior pictures to date!  This senior is one to watch as he launches into his next season.  With so many possibilities ahead of him, and a solid cheering section behind him, it’s going to be fun to watch all the places he lands.

Without further ado, scroll on down to see some of our favorites!


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