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Ahhhhh…a new baby, an exhausted–but completely smitten–mommy and daddy, and quite possibly an older sibling or two…or seven.  There’s nothing quite like the early days of bringing home a sweet and tiny babe.  But those moments pass all too quickly, and often you’re in such an exhausted daze that it’s hard to take it all in.  The beautiful thing about newborn session is I will do all of that for you.  I am about to freeze time so that you can go back in time–whether that be next month, next year, or when your little baby has grown and begins having their own children.  There are two different parts to the newborn session, the lifestyle part and the posed part.  You can expect these sessions to take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours, give or take, if you are doing both posed and lifestyle pictures.  If you are doing a lifestyle only session, plan on about an hour.  As always, I will flex around your baby and any siblings, so always know this timeframe might be a little longer or a little shorter depending on how everyone is doing.

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st louis lifestlye newborn photographer


As far as the lifestyle part of the session–the part where I am photographing your family together–here are some thoughts to help you prepare:

Number One:  DON’T STRESS!

Yes, that is right.  You do not need to look like a super model, and your home does not need to look like it’s on this year’s parade of homes.  I have had SEVEN babies, and believe me, I was anything but put together for weeks after.  Besides, I’m out to capture something much more important and beautiful than the superficial anyway!


st louis lifestlye newborn photographer

Number Two:  WARDROBE

For in-home newborn sessions, think neutral and soft.  The focus of these sessions is your connection with your precious baby in your home–this is not the time to distract from those connections with bold and loud clothing.  So put away your glamour wear and pull out something comfy and soft.  Now that doesn’t mean go for baggy and frumpy, especially since we don’t want to lose your little one in really loose clothing!  I always love the look of neutral and more casual dresses, as it gives the final gallery a dreamy feel.  Also, pay attention to the colors in your home, as you’ll want to choose outfits that compliment your current décor.  Muted and neutral colors usually work best.  I would also steer clear of visible logos, if possible.  Socks or bare feet are perfectly fine.  And young siblings will look sweet in a light-colored (white, gray, etc.) cotton t-shirt or tank top.  Think timeless and classic–something you can look back on in twenty years and love, regardless of the ever-changing fashion trends.

st louis lifestlye newborn photographer

Number Three:  HOME

I will be looking for the best natural light in your home, so don’t be surprised if I move a few things around here and there to make that work.  If you have some messy areas that are a distraction, I will just clear any clutter before I start clicking the shutter. Don’t worry, I’ll put everything back in it’s place before I leave!


st louis lifestlye newborn photographer

Number Four:  SIBLINGS

New babies have a way of knocking their new older siblings off kilter.  Especially if big brother or big sister is a toddler!  Please don’t stress about this before the session.  I like to grab the family and sibling shots first–after older brother or sister warms up to me a bit–if it is possible.  But if not, or if right after a few initial pictures they decide to take off and take a break, I will just roll with it.  Flexibility is the name of the game, and that is my motto when it comes to kids.  I will follow their lead, as patience almost always pays off in the end!  Of course, a bribe of ice cream or some other special treat or item after the session never hurts!

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st louis lifestlye newborn photographer



If you are doing a lifestlye only session, you can skip this part!

Now whether we begin with the lifestyle part of the session or the posed part will depend largely on how the baby is doing.  As far as preparing for the posed part of the session, you don’t have to do anything!  I bring everything I need for the posed images, so all you need to do is kick up your feet and relax!  Catch a show, take a nap, relax in a bubble bath…whatever you’d enjoy most!   The posed part of the session is the part that tends to take time, so don’t hesitate to take a much-needed rest while I enjoy photographing your tiny one.


st louis newborn photographer


Assuming you have already told me your due date, be sure to let me know once the baby is born so I can start planning ahead on my calendar.  Ideally, I love to photograph newborns between 7 to 14 days old.  However, there are times where that just doesn’t work, so don’t stress out if that isn’t in the cards after baby has arrived.  During the school year, I often try to schedule my newborn sessions sometime during the day on a Thursday or Friday if possible.  So be in touch as the baby arrives, or if you are scheduled for an induction or c-section and happen to know the date in advance.

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I think that should wrap it up, but please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any questions.  I look forward to seeing you and your sweet new baby soon!



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