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by | Jul 25, 2023 | Contest Winners, Information

Well, the time has come and I’m super excited to share the 2023 Shoot & Share Contest winners from the images I submitted in this year’s contest!  The Shoot and Share contest is so much fun, as anyone can enter the contest, and anyone can vote!  This year, over 90,000 images were entered across 25 categories from people all over the world.  Each person can submit up to 50 images–which is exactly how many I entered this year.  Regardless of how my images do, it certainly is a learning process as I vote.  I always come away challenged and inspired!

When I begin choosing which images to enter, I choose both client and personal images that I think might do well in this particular contest.  There are a total of 12 rounds, with a final round, a top 100 round, and then recognition of the top 20 places in each category.  This year, one of my groom images placed FOURTH overall!  The fabulous story behind that image was that wedding went from proposal to the wedding day in just NINE DAYS!!  Yes, you heard that right–nine days!

Another fun fact for me was having one of my wedding couple images place 21st.  We all kind of laugh in the contest that the wedding images that place in the top 20 spots often have incredible mountain or other landscapes behind them.  And that was certainly true for this year’s contest.  But low and behold, the 21st place went to an image I took of one of my couples-Noelle and Jeremy–with no mountains behind them!

So of the 50 entries, I landed with a 4th place, 6 images in the Top 100, 9 in the Finalist category, 3 in the top 10%, 6 in the top 20%, and 8 in the top 30%.  What I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE about all of this is getting to go back through and be reminded of so many of the beautiful faces and the sweetest memories we have made along the way.

Interested in seeing how it turned out?  Scroll on down for the results!






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