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by | Feb 7, 2024 | Wedding

Ahhhhh, Molly and Randall’s Sunflower Hill Farm wedding was nothing but a dream, and I’ve been putting off blogging it because I get SO emotional every time I pull up their folder of images!  As many of you know, Molly is my sister…and getting married really was never on her “to do” list.  This sister of mine is tiny but mighty, and she has been nothing short of an inspiration to me, to my family, and to just about everyone who knows her.  She and I are COMPLETE opposites, and yet she has always been my best friend.  So forgive me for a minute as I think back every sweet childhood memory I have as I struggle to find the words to type out this post.

Molly and Randall’s wedding was beautiful and pure and full of SO MUCH JOY.  Everyone there could feel it.  If every single person in attendance didn’t both laugh and cry throughout the day, I’d be surprised.  If you were there, I’m sure you’d concur.  Their journey to the alter is an exclamation point on the verse that talks about beauty coming from ashes, and you could feel the heaven-sent goodness in the air.  My family first met Randall in person when he came to St. Louis to meet Molly for Easter and propose.  (You can see that day HERE.)  Let’s just say, it was love at first sight for our family, and we were over the moon to welcome this new brother, uncle, and friend officially into our family this past August.

I do have to say, I think my sister and Randall chose one of the hottest days of summer to get married…which was a riot because they both are ALWAYS cold.  Always.  Funny thing is, only a little over a year before their wedding, I photographed my brother’s wedding in Iowa on what I’m pretty sure was the COLDEST day in all of history.  (You can see that gorgeous wedding HERE.)  So between the two of them, they hit both extremes in my photography career…and I’m hoping no one tries to top them!

But I digress…back to this STUNNING wedding day.  One of the special things about their day was how many family members and friends were involved.  Every detail beautiful.  Every word, every connection, and every song meaningful.  People from all over the world were literally in attendance.  Freyja and the Sunflower Hill Farm staff were nothing but the best and VERY accommodating.  In fact, it is one of the reasons why we chose this GORGEOUS venue in the first place.  Everything we needed, they had ready to go–which was SUPER helpful since Molly and Randall were flying in from different cities the day before the wedding.  I would choose Sunflower Hill Farms again in a heartbeat!

Speaking of vendors, I do want to give an extra shout out to TWO of the sweetest friends and assistant photographers around.  Being a matron of honor AND photographing the wedding while your husband is the officiant and your children are all in various roles was a rather interesting spot to be in.  Erin and Lisa pulled out ALL the stops to photograph all the details and feels of such a special day.  Erin stepped in long before the wedding day to help Molly and I with the planning, and everything came together just so.  I am so very grateful.

Another extra special vendor in my book is my daughter-in-law, Kaitlyn.  If anyone can make the florals magical, it is her.  And that is exactly what she did.

Do go check out this incredible vendor team:

Without further ado, scroll on down to see more from this STUNNING Sunflower Hill Farm wedding…



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