Sunset Session Family of Three – St Louis Missouri

by | Nov 29, 2016 | Family

This beautiful family of three pulled off a stunning session just before sunset recently, and I may have burned a calorie or two chasing this cutie in the process!  I absolutely love photographing children at this age, as just about everything they do is darling.  Oh, he picked up rocks, threw leaves, hauled boxes, grabbed sticks–you name just about anything a little guy in an open field could do and he did it!  That is the beauty of doing a custom photography session in a wide, open space outside–your two-year-old can be a two-year-old–and I get the privilege of capturing the beauty of it!  One of the quotes I have been seeing a lot lately is the one that says, “The days are long, but the years are short.”  I don’t think I could agree more.  As Lindsey and Lance are parents of a busy toddler, I’m guessing they fall into bed exhausted each night at the end of their long days, the same as most moms and dads with little ones do.

But as a mom of both a toddler and a senior in high school, I know the days of diapers and sippy cups quickly turn into days of college applications and physics homework.  The portraits Lindsey and Lance chose for their home will bring them joy in a few short days when their canvas and prints arrive and they hang them on their walls just in time for Christmas.  But I can’t help but look at this young family just starting life together and think of a few years further down the road…  In the blink of an eye, she will be putting pictures together to display at her son’s graduation party.  And someday later she may be referring back to these portraits when she sees a strong resemblance in her grandchildren.  So many things we accumulate in this life depreciate quickly over time.  But not our loved ones.  And not the portraits we take of them.  This precious family froze a few moments in time this fall.  And with each passing year, these moments will seem even more beautiful and valuable than they were the day we captured them.

Here are some of their favorites…

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