Bree is Thirteen! – St. Louis Photographer

by | May 1, 2024 | Teens

This beautiful girl has just had her thirteenth birthday, and it was definitely an occasion to celebrate with a photo session!  This isn’t the first time Bree has been in front of my camera, but it is her first time making a solo debut.  Our family has loved her since we met her back in kindergarten (sniff, sniff…), as she has become a dear friend of one of my daughters.  I was tempted to put a brick on her head and ask her to stop growing like I ask each of my own kids, but alas…that never seems to work.

It is common to document what I like to call milestone sessions for little ones when they are sitting or just walking.  We often don’t think to grab those other milestone moments as they get older.  When Missy threw out this idea last fall for Bree’s birthday this spring, I was thrilled.  Hitting that thirteen-mile marker is a FABULOUS time to capture her, as she is stepping out of childhood and beginning a new and exciting season.

On that note, scroll on down to see some of my favorites from Bree’s thirteen-year milestone session…



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