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by | Jan 16, 2017 | Family

When Drew contacted me about gifting his wife, Richelle, a family portrait session while his sons were home for Christmas, I told my husband that I had an exception to my intention of not booking sessions too close to the holidays.  If ever there was a family to photograph during the Christmas season, this would be that family–and my husband readily agreed.  If you know Richelle, you know two things are a pretty big deal in her life.  Family.  And Christmas.  With a son serving in the Navy and another off at college, I knew that being together for this particular Christmas would be more important than ever.  So yes, a million times over, yes, was my answer to scheduling their portrait session.  It was an honor, actually.

I told Richelle as I was finishing up editing their gallery that I felt like Larry out of Veggie Tales when he said, “I laughed, I cried, it moved me, Bob!”  Because that couldn’t have been more true of me this session.  Photographing them was a riot.  Spend two minutes with their son, Danny, and I’m sure you’ll understand why.  I like to think that most of my sessions can be fun and filled with laughter, but this one definitely took the cake.  However, it is when I am home behind my computer that my emotions kick into high gear.  And while I value technically correct captures in my sessions, I find that if an image makes me smile, makes me laugh, or makes me tear up, then I have found an image that I love–and hopefully one they will love as well.  And that has less to do with proper technique and everything to do with human connection.  With this family, there were so many portraits that had that draw for me, because connection and love run deep with these four.

Favorites?  Well, there are too many.  So here are a handful for now…and thankfully a video full of them that I will be posting soon…

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