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by | Jan 23, 2017 | Children

Capturing the bond of siblings is something timeless and precious, whether you are almost 4-years-old with a 6-month baby brother–or whether you are 74-years-old and “baby” brother is 70!  I photographed these two right outside their own front door just days before Christmas–and both the weather and winter light came out to smile on this sweet pair that afternoon.  You can’t get any more adorable than this, can you?!  Even in editing their final gallery of portraits, I wanted to reach through my screen and kiss those darling cheeks!

After all was said and done the afternoon of their session, we went inside so big sister could get her much anticipated reward of hot chocolate.  I grabbed some pictures of their walls while I was there so I could put them in my system for the later viewing and ordering appointment. That way they could see mock-ups of portrait possibilities on their own walls before they made their final decisions of which images they wanted and what sizes.  When I asked Mom what she was thinking about in displaying her children’s portraits, she pointed to one wall in particular and answered, “I really want pictures of my children to look like artwork on that wall.”

Me, too, I thought, me too.  And I couldn’t have been happier as I drove home that evening because I knew that not too far down the road, she would have exactly what she was envisioning.  With children as beautiful as these two and the bond that is so evident between them, how could she not?

Here are some of their favorites coming out of a beautiful winter afternoon.  You and I get to see them on a computer or cell-phone screen.  But one particular family is now enjoying these precious smiles as artwork displayed in their home.

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