St. Louis Lifestyle Newborn Session

by | Sep 13, 2023 | Lifestyle Newborn

When Katie asked me last spring about photographing a lifestyle newborn session for their family late this summer, I was over the moon.  Katie and Bret’s family is certainly one of the families I’ve gotten to photograph that I would scoop up and bring them home with me if I could.  They totally embrace all that love and connection and fun stuff every family should have.  And let’s just be honest…Theodore is completely ADORABLE, and I had no doubt his new baby sister, Emerson Meave, would follow suit.

Over the pandemic, I began photographing newborn sessions in each family’s own home, and I’m certainly glad I made the switch.  There’s nothing quite like home, that is exactly where moments like below happen.

THIS is the life–the laughter, the crazy, the messy…and of course the beautiful.  As you can guess, mom and dad are ALWAYS exhausted at this stage of the newborn game.  So the role I get to play during these sessions is freezing time with each click of the shutter, showing them just how meaningful and beautiful these moments truly are…when they’re awake enough to go back and look at them!

It won’t be long before she is toddling, and he is off to kindergarten.  It won’t be much longer when she asks to go to prom, and he is heading off to college.  Katie and Bret will blink a few more times and then find themselves holding grandchildren in their arms.  That is how it is with time.  Believe me, I’m feeling it especially today as my youngest daughter turns the calendar on her thirteenth year.  Every moment matters.  Every single one.

On that sappy note, I’m excited for you to scroll down and see more from baby Emerson’s lifestyle newborn session.  Katie and Bret, you guys are the best.  Seriously, the best.



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